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Responsibilities of Insurers When Dealing with Wildfire Risks, Oregon Senate Bill 82

Updated: Mar 11

trees on fire near homes
Oregon Senate Bill 82 Aims to Protect Homeowners From Unfair Practices

Oregon Senate Bill 82 aims to protect homeowners from potential negative consequences of being located in areas designated as high wildfire risk. Here's a breakdown of its key points:


  • To prevent insurance companies from using the statewide wildfire risk map as a sole basis for:

  • Canceling homeowners insurance policies

  • Increasing premiums


  • This bill aimed to ensure homeowners wouldn't be unfairly penalized solely due to their location on the wildfire risk map.

  • It encourages insurance companies to consider individual risk factors beyond the map when making policy decisions.

Additional details:

  • The bill also requires insurance companies to provide clear explanations to homeowners if their policies are renewed at different rates or if premiums are increased.

  • This additional transparency allows homeowners to understand the factors influencing their policy costs beyond the wildfire risk map.

Overall, SB 82 aimed to:

  • Protect homeowners from potentially unfair insurance practices related to wildfire risk.

  • Promote individual risk assessments for determining policy decisions.

  • Increase transparency in communication between insurance companies and homeowners regarding policy changes.

It's important to note that this bill summary doesn't constitute legal advice. You should consult with an insurance professional or legal expert for further information regarding specific situations.


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