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Is Oregon's Flex Lending Program the Right Option for Homeownership?

New homeowner thanks Oregon real estate agent
First-time Oregon homeowners benefit from flex lending program

Buying a home can seem like a distant dream for many Oregonians. Saving for a down payment can be a significant hurdle, especially in today's housing market. However, the Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) Flex Lending Program can help bridge that gap and make homeownership a reality.

What is the Flex Lending Program?

OHCS established the Flex Lending Program to assist Oregonians with limited down payment resources. It offers a second mortgage loan that acts as down payment assistance. This reduces the amount you need to come up with upfront, making qualifying for a traditional first mortgage easier.

Benefits of the Flex Lending Program

  • Reduced Down Payment: The program provides up to 4% of the first mortgage as a down payment assistance loan.

  • Broader Access to Mortgages: The Flex program lowers the down payment requirement, allowing more Oregonians to qualify for conventional mortgages.

  • Safe and Secure Mortgages: The program facilitates access to safe and affordable mortgage products.

Who is Eligible?

OHCS determines eligibility for the Flex Lending Program based on specific criteria outlined in its program guidelines. The program generally targets first-time homebuyers and low-to-moderate income earners.

Finding More Information

For more information about the Flex Lending Program, you can explore these resources:

  • Oregon Housing and Community Services website: Contact OHCS for eligibility requirements and application procedures.

  • Oregon Administrative Rules: This resource provides a legal framework for the program outlining its purpose and eligibility criteria [Division 22 - FLEX LENDING PROGRAM (FLEX)].

Owning a home can be a pathway to a secure and stable future. The Flex Lending Program can be a stepping stone for many Oregonians on their journey to homeownership.

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