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How to Help Your Kids Cope with a Big Move: Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Moving

Updated: Mar 11

family having fun while moving

Moving can be exciting for adults, but it can be scary for children. They're leaving behind familiar friends, routines, and maybe even their favorite swing set. These are some tips for talking to your kids about moving:

  • Be Honest and Upfront: Gather the kids together for a family meeting. Explain, in age-appropriate terms, why you're moving. Keep it simple: "We found a new house with a big backyard for [pet's name]," or "Daddy's new job is in a different city."

  • Focus on the Fun: Make moving an adventure! Talk about the exciting things in the new place. Maybe it has a pool, a treehouse, or is close to a fantastic park. Let them look at pictures online or even take a virtual tour to spark their imagination.

  • Address Their Worries: It's okay for them to be sad about leaving. Validate their feelings and reassure them that they'll stay in touch with friends and family through video calls or promise to let them visit soon.

  • Give Them Control: Let your kids choose some things to pack themselves (favorite toys, books). If the new house has floor plans, have them help decide where their furniture might go. This helps them become excited about the change.

  • Make New Traditions: Moving can be a chance to start fresh. Explore the new neighborhood together and find your favorite pizza place or ice cream shop. Create new traditions that will make the new place feel like home.

  • Moving Day Magic: Turn packing into a game! Pack a "first night box" with essentials, favorite toys, and things to make them feel comfortable when they arrive in the new space.

Be patient with the little ones; it takes them time to adjust. Most importantly, be sure to let them know you're there for them during the process, and try to answer their questions honestly. Moving can be stressful but can also be a wonderful experience and exciting adventure when handled with care.


Photo credit: [Photo by MART PRODUCTION]


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