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Business Card Etiquette: Giving and Receiving the Business Card

Updated: Mar 28

people practicing good business card etiquette at a convention

With proper etiquette, business cards are a small networking tool that can leave a big impression. Here's a quick rundown on proper business card etiquette:

Giving your card:

  • Be prepared: Always carry extras and have them easily accessible. A frantic search for a card is unprofessional.

  • Presentation matters: Offer your card with the contact information facing the recipient, using one or two hands, depending on the formality of the situation. In the US, one hand is usually sufficient.

  • Make eye contact and smile: Briefly introduce yourself and your title as you hand over the card.

Receiving a card:

  • Mirror their action: If the person uses two hands, accept it with two hands.

  • Show respect: Take a moment to read the card and make a positive comment about their business or title.

  • Store it safely: Don't just shove it in your pocket or purse. Have a business card case to show respect for the information.

General tips:

  • Keep your cards up-to-date: Outdated information reflects poorly on you.

  • Don't write on someone else's card: Unless they ask you to make a note.

  • Don't force your card: If the conversation isn't going anywhere, it's okay to skip the exchange.

  • Follow up: Especially if you had a good conversation, send a quick email thanking them for their time and mentioning something you discussed.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a professional and positive exchange of business cards, promote your network, and make a lasting impression.


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