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Are Smoke Detectors Required for Selling Your Oregon Home?

Updated: Mar 28

picture of Oregon smoke alarm law pamphlet

Are you thinking of selling your house in Oregon? Smoke detector compliance is a crucial step to ensure a smooth transaction.

Here's what you need to know:

  • It's the Law: Oregon law mandates functional smoke detectors in every dwelling unit sold. No sale can be finalized without them [ORS 479.260].

  • Location Matters: At least one operational smoke detector must be installed on each floor, including the basement (excluding crawl spaces and unfinished attics). Ideally, they should be placed outside bedrooms for optimal coverage [OAR 837-045-0050].

  • Functionality is Key: Ensure your detectors have working batteries and no malfunctions. A chirping or silent alarm signifies a potential problem [ORS 479.260].

  • Approved Models Only: Not all smoke detectors are created equal. Consult a professional if you're unsure if yours meets the State Fire Marshal's approval [ORS 479.295].

  • Consider Interconnected Systems: While not mandatory, interconnected alarms offer an extra layer of safety. When one sounds, all activate, providing a louder and more comprehensive warning throughout the house.

Following these regulations protects potential buyers and demonstrates your commitment to their safety. For detailed information on placement and approved models, consult the Oregon State Fire Marshal's office or a licensed home inspector.

Special Note: Information, including statutes and administrative rulings, was deemed accurate at the time of posting. Oregon rules and laws change frequently, and local ordinances may be more restrictive. The reader should perform their own investigation regarding safety matters.


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