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6 Reasons to Join the Realtors Political Action Committee

Updated: Mar 11

group of people in a meeting
REALTORS discuss political action at committee meeting

The Realtors® Political Action Committee was formed in 1969 with the mission to support candidates who understand real estate issues and recognize the value of homeownership. The decision of whether or not to join the Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is ultimately a personal one, and it's important to know some potential benefits. These are my top six reasons for joining:

  1. Support for pro-real estate policies: RPAC advocates for policies that benefit real estate professionals and the industry as a whole, such as keeping the mortgage interest deduction and favorable tax policies. Your contribution could help elect candidates who share these goals.

  2. Shape the legislative landscape: By having a bigger voice through RPAC, Realtors can influence legislation that affects their business practices and regulations.

  3. Protect industry interests: RPAC can lobby against policies that could harm the real estate industry, such as increased taxes, restrictive regulations, and lack of housing.

  4. Network with other Realtors and professionals: RPAC events can be a good way to network with other real estate professionals and build relationships.

  5. Stay informed about key issues: RPAC provides its members with information about important legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry.

  6. Gain recognition and influence: Contributing to RPAC could enhance your reputation within the real estate community and give you a greater voice in industry affairs.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to join RPAC is up to you. Consider your values, financial situation, and desired level of involvement in the industry before making a decision. It's also important to conduct your own research to learn more about RPAC's specific goals and activities, as well as any potential controversies surrounding the organization.

To learn more, visit these helpful resources:

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